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Business, Community & Opportunity. Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance Releases Rush Hour Video

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance has released a new video series called Business, Community, Opportunity. This exciting series highlights 10 businesses across the region and showcases the positive impact they have on the community. From job creation to economic development, these businesses are making a difference in the lives of their employees and customers.

The second video in the series highlights the diverse retail that can be found across the Greater Fort Dodge Region. Rush Hour is just one of these retail businesses located in the Historic District that is designated as Main Street Fort Dodge.

Jill Bush operated the accessory-based business out of her home but as it flourished it required her to relocate to a brick and mortar building several years ago, The area that Jill selected to relocate in is called Kirchner Square and includes several destination retail shops like the Dariette, Homespun, Tillie's Quilts, and Studio Fusion.

Rush Hour has expanded its retail reach by adding online events like VIP Rush Hour Clothing on Wednesdays where they feature new clothing items, accessories, and trends. Today it is a trendy clothing and accessory boutique that draws customers from Des Moines, Ames, Mason City, and beyond.

During the video, Jill talks about all the opportunities that are available in the area for retail shops just like hers. "The people of our community literally live and breathe "Shop Local", states Jill. "We have lots of assets in Fort Dodge. We just need to get the word out.".

The ten videos in the series provide a sundry of businesses that are found in the region. "The retail opportunities in this community are endless. From Big Box to our popular boutiques and other unique shops, the Fort Dodge region has a substantial retail pull factor. This video series not only highlights retail it also demonstrates the diversity of businesses from the arts, a national business, a Midwest business, a church, and a nonprofit, and all these members combined just really are a great makeup of our community," affirms Jill Nelson, Community Development Director with the GFDGA.

Lydia Schuur, Communication Specialist with the GFDGA added, "A theme throughout the videos is the sense of place and community. Family and raising their children in a community that has beautiful parks and trails, quality schools, and even a community college and university are continually identified as key reasons they have selected Fort Dodge as their home,"

Watch the full video to learn more about Jill Bush and how Rush Hour Clothing Co. has grown from a home-based business to a popular storefront must-see. The other nine videos will continue to be released every three weeks through the rest of the year and you can hear more about them on a recent Spin It podcast.

If you're looking for a great business opportunity, look no further than the Greater Fort Dodge region! Learn more about the region and the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance at, call 515-955-5500, or email Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

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