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How Spin Markket + Digital Gave Their Marketing Clients Exactly What They Wanted

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Businesses today are seeking more digital and online products and services. This is no different for the clients at Spin Markket + Digital so expanding staff, office space in the Historic Downtown Fort Dodge District, and adding more digital marketing tools are part of meeting those requests.


Marketing is one of the most critical areas to invest in when it comes to growing a business—yet many struggle to find the time and resources to locate and develop their talent, let alone execute an effective marketing strategy. To fulfill the demands of their clients, current and future, Spin Markket + Digital recently added additional staffing, office space in the historic downtown district, and highly sought-after digital products.

Spin Markket + Digital has been providing digital marketing services for clients across the United States that are outsourcing their marketing efforts. Even if the marketing department has extensive knowledge of their industry, they may lack the skills and resources necessary to market their services in a way that builds brand awareness and attracts potential clients. That’s where Spin Markket + Digital comes in.

Services have included Website Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, Reputation Management, Listing Builder, Google products and services, Digital and Local Ads, SEO, CRM, Email Marketing, Data Collection, and Dashboard analysis services, and strategic marketing consulting.

With the increased need for Blog and Content Creation, Photo and Video, Livestreaming, and Podcast services, the additional space has provided opportunities to bring on additional team members along with a Photo and Video creative area and a Podcast Sound Lounge. Adding content management staff for writing SEO-heavy content for websites and blogs is a very specialized skill set to provide for clients.

"Successful companies and business owners, however, view marketing not as an expense, but as an investment that leads to growth. While it is true that hiring an outside agency may incur costs, the overhead is considerably lower," states Cheryl O'Hern, T-Shaped Digital Marketing Specialist at Spin Markket + Digital. "A major benefit of outsourcing marketing to Spin Markket + Digital is gaining access to a whole team of marketing experts right away, and for much less than hiring and training a full-time employee. You also save on costs related to ongoing professional development, cost of training and turnover, and on licenses for the latest programs and technology."

The development of a podcast series that will focus on educating small and medium businesses on digital marketing trends and ideas is currently in the works and will be launched shortly after the first of the year. O'Hern added, "We also strongly support small and medium businesses and providing additional educational tools and ideas is very important to creating economic growth and development."

Spin Markket + Digital is located at 10 North 10th Street, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Additional information about services can be found at, email to, and calling 515-302-8026. Follow along at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube


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